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Order the Belnap iLink

Belnap i-Link

Digital and Hands Free Downloadable

The iLink LCD allows scheduled downloads

to occur without the end user having to ever

touch the system after installation.  This item is

state-of-the-art and achieves high quality playback.

Order the DP-600

Order the DP-700

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4 major reasons make us the obvious choice for on hold equipment.

  • 1. Superior Customer Service and Support
         We take time with every customer to find you what you need, not just what we want to sell.
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         We offer the widest selection of equipment and the expertise to fit the best equipment to your phone system.
  • 3. Price  We sell at the best price for what you get. 
         If you are a dealer, we sell equipment at TRUE wholesale prices in the United States, Canada and Australia. 
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Belnap 600

This device is our most affordable

digital on hold player.  It holds 1 file

which is plays from the 128MB of internal

flash memory.  It has a USB port for connecting directly to a computer to download new on hold productions.  If you don't intend to change your message more than once a year and don't need to have several files on board to switch to this is your most affordable device.

Belnap 700

Belnap Corporation introduces

an affordable, easy-to-use,

maintenance-free, digital device

that uses a thumb drive for memory.  With the push button you can switch between up to 99 tracks.  The thumb drive and .wav or .mp3 compatibility make on-site programming easy and allow you to store up to 70 hours of music and messages with 1 gig memory card.  It is compatible with every PBX phone system that accepts an MOH input.