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4 major reasons make us the obvious choice for on hold equipment.

  • 1. Superior Customer Service and Support
         We take time with every customer to find you what you need, not just what we want to sell.
  • 2. Wide Selection and Expertise on Compatibility
         We offer the widest selection of equipment and the expertise to fit the best equipment to your phone system.
  • 3. Price  We sell at the best price for what you get. 
         If you are a dealer, we sell equipment at TRUE wholesale prices in the United States, Canada and Australia. 
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  • 4. Partnering - Save even more money by partnering with us.
         If you are part of an industry commonly found in most Cities in the U.S. you can save 5 times our normal savings
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SD 9000

POH- SD 9000 IP

Dual Zone Network Audio Player

includes 4 year maintenance fees $279.95
Dual zone design allows simultaneous, independent playback of both on-hold audio and optional streaming overhead business music (using both capabilities is not required)
Simple connection to any telephone system or business background music amplifier.
Connect player to the internet via LAN or Wi-Fi connection to instantly manage, schedule and change message on-hold or streaming business background music from any web browser
Powered by Cloudstream. Includes a FREE basic Message-On-Hold subscription and a FREE custom “thanks for holding” message read by a professional voice actor when the player is activated. Premium Message-On-Hold subscription and professional voiceover services available. Optional streaming business music subscription features over 70 interruption-free music stations, fully licensed for playback in business, for only $29.95 per month, including the ability to insert custom brand messages or ads to create your own custom radio station.
includes 4 year maintenance fees

Belnap 700

Belnap Corporation introduces

an affordable, easy-to-use,

maintenance-free, digital device

that uses a thumb drive for memory.  With the push button you can switch between up to 99 tracks.  The thumb drive and .wav or .mp3 compatibility make on-site programming easy and allow you to store up to 70 hours of music and messages with 1 gig memory card.  It is compatible with every PBX phone system that accepts an MOH input.