• On Hold Vet Sample-Jessica2:01
  • J1-Narration2:56
  • J1-Animation2:35
  • J1-Commercial Demo1:41
  • G1-Promos2:31
  • G1-RadioImaging1:06
  • G1-Commercials2:40
  • G1 AUDIO Character Demo2:28

Voice Talents

Our voice talents are nationally known for their work in a variety of applications including full featured animated films, advertising spots and much more.

Voice work for telephone on hold applications need to be done differently than those for radio or television.  A caller on hold is already a captive audience so we don't have to compete for their attention.  Instead, it needs to be written and recorded with the audience in mind.  That's where our expertise gives us the advantage.  We've been doing this for over 20 years and know how to get results!

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