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Website, Signage, and On Hold Marketing

Voice Talents

Professional Talent

Our voice talents are nationally known for their work in a variety of applications including full featured animated films, advertising spots and much more.


We carry almost all of the available brands and models of on hold equipment.  These players are built for playing over telephone systems which means the quality will be the best possible for this application.

Music And Message On Hold

Simply put, telephone music and message on hold is the music and information callers hear when placed on hold or while being transferred during a phone call.  It has been proven to be an effective and surprisingly inexpensive form of targeted marketing.  It improves caller retention significantly, they are less likely to hang up while waiting.  Further, when the music includes messages in the form of non obtrusive advertisements, callers are likely to ask about the products and services advertised while on hold.

The Facts

Here are some brief facts:

- 80% of business callers are placed on hold.*

- 85% of callers prefer on hold messages.*

- 60 % of callers hang up if they experience silence on hold and 30% never call back.*

- Callers that hear music only on hold will stay on the line for 30 seconds longer than silence.

-20% of callers make a purchase decision based on what they heard on hold.

- Callers with Message mixed with the music will stay on the phone for 3 minutes long than those with music only

What would your rather Hear? Dead silence? Radio music that could very possible be advertising your competitors products?  Or music to keep your callers entertained and advertisements targeted toward them,

your Market.