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Since then, Goto became Overture, who then bought Alta Vista for around 64 million and then Yahoo bought them for somewhere around 2 billion.  Now there are several versions of pay per click in Yahoo, Google, Bing etc.

Joe Belnap, PlanetAdvertise.com

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My history with advertising over the internet started before the internet was even available and we advertised through AOL message boards.  We sold products and services to very large and small businesses over the internet and AOL.  Because they were able to find us so easily we started getting requests by those same companies to get their company's websites at the top of the search engine results. 

I did this for several years and was one of 8 companies in the U.S. that was an agent for Alta Vista.  As I was doing this the search engines were constantly changing the criteria for ranking websites which made it a never ending process to keep web sites at the top of the search engines.  Around this same time I discovered a new website called GOTO.COM and it only cost me a penny to be at the top of this search engine for each time a visitor read my keyword ad and clicked.  My first month of doing this I spent $25 and I sold around $2500 on this test marketing run.  At this point, I jumped all in and registered every related keyword I could think of in this Pay per Click search engine.  It worked very well but it caught on quickly and my bid per click rose because of the competition.  At a point, I was paying around $5 per click for some keywords but it was still worth it.